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¿Hay algún colegio en España especializado en niños con TDAH?

Llama la atención el hecho de que en Estados Unidos haya colegios especializados en TDAH, sin embargo en España simplemente parece que estamos empezando a ser conscientes del gran problema que es.
When faced with choosing the right university, it can be difficult enough for a regular high school student. Choosing a college for ADHD students can be even tougher as it is important for these students to find a school that will support their needs. Most colleges have support services available for all students, including students with ADHD. When researching colleges it will be important to discuss what kind of support you will be given while attending classes
When visiting a campus make time to visit the disability support office to ask a few questions. Some ideas of what you should ask include:

Is the director of the program a specialist in disabilities including ADHD?

How many students are involved in the program?

How many full-time employees does the program have?

Is there a support group available for students with disabilities?

Are there special classes available for students with ADHD?

Finding a college that is right for you is important to everyone, after all successful completion of a degree is the most important aspect of going to school. Knowing that the place you have chosen to attend will offer you full support is extremely important.

There are several accredited colleges that offer degree programs that are specifically designed for students with ADHD. Beacon College and Landmark College are two colleges with these types of programs. Lynn University offers a coaching program for their students who have any type of disability.

The most important aspect of choosing a college is finding a place where you feel comfortable. When visiting schools you may want to talk to students who are attending classes that have ADHD. This will help you to gain perspective of what college may be like if you choose to attend this particular university. In the end the college choosing a college is all about choosing what is right for you and your needs.

Beacon College is the only accredited college for ADHD students and other learning disabilities. They offer BA and AA degrees exclusively to students with learning disabilities, ADHD, or gifted LD.

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