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How To Succeed with ADHD


When it comes to succeeding with anything in life - there are  
many books, courses and success systems out there.

I suggest to you that there are really just 2 steps to succeeding  
at anything - and specifically - ADHD.

When you see these two steps - I think you'll agree that these  
apply to any situation - losing weight, improving finances, and  
even improving life with ADHD.

Here they are:  
Step 1: Get specialized knowledge  
Step 2: Consistently implement that knowledge

Now let's go into some depth here.

Step 1: Get Specialized Knowledge:

When you're dealing with ADD/ADHD, you need to learn the  
strategies and tactics that work. Because there are some things  
that work, and some things that don't work.  
For example - there are certain parenting approaches that really  
don't work for kids and teens with ADHD, and there are some that  
work much better.  
There are some strategies that help adults with ADHD improve  
their time management, and there are some strategies for time  
management that just aren't ADD friendly - and they just don't  

Think about it - from the time you get an assessment, and realize  
that this is what you are dealing with (ADD, that is), you begin  
a search to find out what really works. You find specialized  

Once you find some specialized knowledge - you need to go on to  
step 2...

Step 2: Consistently Implementing that Knowledge:

Once you have the right knowledge - you need to implement it.  
Knowing how to parent effectively, or manage your time  
effectively doesn't really help if you don't actually DO  
something about it. And many ADD'ers try to do things in spurts -  
like in a 'hyperfocus mode'. Meaning that they work on time  
management really hard for the weekend, and then hope that things  
will be better for a long time. Or if parents implement new  
parenting strategies for a one week holiday - they hope the  
benefits will last...

But you know that things don't really work out that way. Sure -  
putting a big focus on an issue can help it significantly, but if  
you don't maintain the consistent implementation or application  
of that knowledge, in the end, there is little difference after  
some time passes.

How you really succeed is by implementing the specialized  
knowledge in a consistent, day by day way. Continually  
implementing the information you have, and improving as you go.

As you read this - I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. For  
me - this really applies in the area of diet and health. If  
you've been watching me online for a few years - you can see from  
the pictures that my weight has gone down, and then up again...  
I KNOW how to lose weight and excercise, but I haven't always  
been implementing it regularly. And if I want to be fit and  
healthy - then I need to apply my knowledge regularly and  

That makes sense, doesn't it?

Now let's talk about how to do this for ADHD - how you can  
implement this 'two step success system' for ADHD.

Step 1: Getting specialized knowledge about ADHD: There are many  
sources out there for you to get specialized knowledge for ADHD.  
Books, seminars, conferences, etc. (I'm guessing you like  
technology - because you found my list on the internet, and you  
get my email updates.) You know how you like to learn, and you  
find some sources that match your style.  
And when you're looking for sources of information - no doubt you  
check the source.  
If you see a new book on ADHD - you check - is the author a  
doctor, a psychogologist, a trained coach, or someone who is just  
sharing their personal opinion?

You look at what their 'angle' is. Does their philosophy match  
yours? Or if it doesn't, would you like your philosophy to go  
more in the direction of the expert's philosophy?

So, you find your sources, and get specialized knowledge.

Then you move on to step 2: Consistently Implementing that  
How do you implement this knowledge consistently - day by day,  
week by week and month by month...  
This part is so important because this is really the key to  
succeeding with ADHD.

Does standard ADHD treatment help you to do this?  
Most people see the doctor, and then go back for another  
appointment in 6 weeks, or 3 months, or whatever. Maybe they're  
lucky enough to get some therapy.  
Does the 'system' help you to consistently implement what you  
need to do on a day by day basis?  
In my experience - the answer is 'sometimes'. And there is one  
critical factor which makes the difference.  
It depends on you.  
If you are very consistent with implementing, and you monitor  
yourself, and you make yourself do it - then yes - the system can  
help you.

But - if you are too busy, get overwhelmend, and often get  
frustrated with the treatment team (or lack thereof) that you  
have, then the 'system' lets you down. And you are left with  
(maybe) having specialized knowledge, and struggling to  
consistently implement it.

Here's what I recommend for you - to apply this success approach  
for ADHD:  

Make sure you are getting expert, specialized knowledge - which  
helps you grow over time. Things change over time with ADHD, so  
you need access to someone who can help you when you need it. To  
personalize the information in a way that a book can't.

And you need regular consistent support to help you to implement  
what you know you need to do.

What I've Done That Can Help You Out:

Just before my book - Attention Difference Disorder - was coming  
out - I was reviewing what I could do to help people with ADHD  
find the right information and to consistently implement it - to  
improve their lives.  
In fact - I was so eager to get the right, strength based  
positive approach about ADHD out to people, that I was racking my  
brain to find the best way to do it.  
After surveying my subscribers, and getting feedback - my team  
came up with the idea of a membership site - the "Attention  
Difference Disorder Insiders".

This membership site was set up to help you to succeed by giving  
you exactly what you need: the specialized knowledge (with a  
philosophy that you either share, or will want to get on board  
with - that is a strength based approach), and support for  
consistent implementation.

How you get specialized knowledge in ADD Insiders:  
- when you join - you get access to 3 of my ADHD products which  
give you great overviews of ADD/ADHD, Adult ADD/ADHD, a strength  
based approach to ADD/ADHD, as well as information on the  
treatments that work (these products sell right now online for  
over $120) - they include mp3 audios, and PDF digital books  
- you get monthly question and answer calls with me - so that you  
can forward your questions, and get specific, personalized  
information that can help you to apply specialized knowledge in  
your life when you need it

How you consistently implement that specialized knowledge:  
- As an 'Insider', you get access to two specialized, expert  
ADD/ADHD coaches  
- The Coaches have created a core coaching program which includes  
two 6 week ADD coaching programs - one for Adults with ADD/ADHD,  
and one for parents of kids and teens with ADD/ADHD (you choose  
to use whichever one will help you the most - or even both!)  
- you also get access to monthly coaching calls which help you to  
deal with specific issues, like procrastination, optimal  
parenting styles, and a whole lot more...  
- and, we have a member's forum - where you can interact with the  
coaches, and the community, so that you can get support so that  
you can consistently apply the specialized knowledge that you are  

As part of my mission of getting this information out to as many  
people as possible (because the numbers of people with ADHD who  
arent' getting the right information, and aren't getting the  
suppot they need to consistently implement is staggering!), we  
have created a low entry level for the Insiders. It's just $20  
per month.  
Think about it - for the cost of just two or three 'hamburger  
meals' at your local fast food restaurant - you can get ADD on  
track - and have the support you need to do it.

We are still working on the software and 'back end' of the site -  
so our introductory pricing still applies. (it will be going up  
soon - And know that when you lock in your introductory pricing -  
you get it for the life of your membership, even when the price  

And tonight - there is a Question and Answer call with me (at 9  
pm eastern time). So, you can join today - and check it out, and  
participate in July's Q and A Call.

When you try out our site - you don't have to make a commitment.  
You do have a full 30 days to 'kick the tires'. After you've  
looked at the $120 of ADHD products, and the core coaching  
program, and the monthly calls, and our community - if after 30  
days you aren't completely satisfied - just let us know, and you  
can get a refund no questions asked. But - when you realize the  
benefits you get, and how powerful this is - we know you'll want  
to stay a member of our community.

To read more about our program (and join today) - just click here  

All the best,

Dr. Kenny


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