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Great ADHD Resources

Great ADHD Resources

By Dr. Kenny Handelman

As you know, it is really important to develop supports around you and your family. Whenever you are dealing with any challenge – like ADD/ADHD challenges, or working toward a goal, it is very helpful to have a support network. The saying "it takes a village" comes to mind. I'm writing this post today to share the people who are part of my support network online – particularly when I had a major event – the launch of my book.

Recently, when I launched my book: Attention Difference Disorder, many people were kind enough to let their subscribers and readers know about my new book. I'd like to thank each of these people, and let you know about them, because they provide great resources online which can help you out. Most of them are directly in the ADHD niche, and some provide other resources, and they were kind enough to let people know about my ADD book.
They are written here in alphabetical order. I encourage you to click on the links to visit their sites:

  1. Jeff Copper: Jeff's an ADD Coach and he interviewed me on Attention Talk Radio. Visit his page to listen to old archives and catch new shows about ADD/ADHD.
  2. Frank Deardurff: Frank is "that one web guy". He was willing to share with his subscribers about my new book. If you need to learn about graphics, web design, wordpress, or much more – visit Frank's site.
  3. Ray Edwards: Ray is a great sales copy writer and marketing strategist. He is the author of Writing Riches, and teaches many business owners how to build their business. You can learn more about Ray here.
  4. Jacqueline Green – Jacqueline is a parenting expert, and she runs the Great Parenting Show – an online seminar teaching people about great parenting strategies. You can participate in The Great Parenting Show here.
  5. Dr. Anthony Kane: Dr. Kane is a medical doctor and expert in ADHD. He has many products and resources to help parents of kids and teens to help their kids. You can learn more about Dr. Kane and his resources at ADD ADHD Advances.
  6. Jennifer Koretsky: Jennifer is an ADD Coach,  as well as a woman with ADD. She provides great training and resources for ADD – including the well attended 'ADHD Virtual Conference'. You can learn more at ADD Management.
  7. Tara McGillicuddy – Tara is an ADD coach and a woman with ADD herself. She provides a tremendous number of resources and support for people online. You can learn all about her resources here: ADD Classes.com You can also hear the replay of the interview she did with me here on ADHD Support Talk Radio.
  8. Bonnie Mincu: Bonnie is an ADD coach and a woman with ADD herself. She works as a coach and helps people through her products online as well. You can learn more about Bonnie here.
  9. Dr. Yannick Pauli: Dr. Pauli is an expert in ADHD, and he publishesThe Unritalin Solution. He shares natural approaches to treat ADD/ADHD.
  10. Rhea Perry: Rhea is an outstanding woman who has taught people all about home-schooling, as well as entrepreneurial education. You can learn more about here here.
  11. Dr. Rory Stern: Rory is an ADHD expert, and he's a writer, therapist, coach, consultant and speaker. He publishes The Truth Behind ADHD, and provides many resources to help you out.
  12. Greg Writer: Greg is an entrepreneur who is committed to keeping kids safe on the internet. His unique browsers can help to protect your kids online. You can get parenting resources and learn more at: Kid Safe.
Thank you to these people who helped to launch my book when it came out on June 7th. Please visit their sites, as I know that they provide great content and resources to help you out. And – the lesson in this is – when you are trying to accomplish a goal, build a network of support, and then really appreciate them afterwards. I know I appreciate all of the people listed above

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