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* Virtual ADHD Conference Begins Monday *

 * Virtual ADHD Conference Begins Monday *

Dear Subscriber,

I am writing to let you know about this year's Virtual ADHD Conference that will be held October 3-6 and that may be of interest to you. Many subscribers to Attention Research Update have taken advantage of this conference in prior years and I have heard very positive feedback about it.

The conference will feature over 20 presentations from a diverse group of ADHD specialists who will speak on a wide range of interesting clinical issues. The speakers are more from the 'practice' than the 'research' world, and the conference aims to offer participants a range of ideas for addressing real world issues that affect individuals with ADHD across the life span. Keynote addresses will be given by Dr. Ned Hallowell, Dr. Patrica Quinn and Dr. Daniel Amen. The conference is being organized by the ADD Management Group - they are a supporter of Attention Research Update but I have no role in organizing the conference.

Because this is a 'virtual conference' you can 'attend' right from your home, thereby avoiding expenses associated with travel and hotel stays. Presentations are archived online and attendees have access to them during the conference and for 3 months after the conference ends. You can thus review the presentations at your convenience and return to them multiple times.

If this sounds interesting to you, you can learn more about the conference at www.adhdconference.com.

At this site you will find details about the speakers, a description of each session, and information on how the virtual conference will work. You can also view testimonials from individuals who attended the conference last year. Information about registering is also available and a $50 registration discount is in place until the conference start date.


David Rabiner, PhD
Associate Research Professor
Duke University


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